The Versatile Story

The past

Versatile was launched in 1976 from a small office in suburban Christchurch. Ten years later, Bill and Gillian Gee took the reins and began a journey that would see this humble family business grow into a true industry leader.

The present

Today, the Versatile network encompasses 30 outlets spanning the length and breadth of New Zealand. We design and build, manufacture and distribute thousands of buildings each and every year, employing highly-skilled practitioners around the country and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Christchurch.

A lot has changed since the mid-70s. But we’re still 100% New Zealand owned and operated. And we’re still a company underpinned by family values; by honesty, integrity, and a good old-fashioned Kiwi way of doing business.

Our current range of plans features something for every type of life, in every part of the country, and is a direct reflection of everything we’ve learned over the last 40-plus years. And, while every home we build is unique and special in its own right, each and every one of them is designed with one core goal in mind – to help its occupants live the very best life possible!

The future

Life in New Zealand is evolving. Rapidly. With an innovative mindset and an agile approach we’ll do the same, constantly studying the way Kiwis love to live and adapting our homes to meet their ever-changing needs.