Large Garages & Extra Spaces

The options are virtually limitless!

Sometimes you need more space to keep all your projects, tools and vehicles under one roof. And sometimes you just need an extra guest room – or somewhere for your teenager to hang out. For those occasions and more, Versatile has exactly what you need.

With a broad range of larger garage buildings, Versatile has options to suit any hobby room, sleepout, home office or larger storage requirement. So, you can always be sure the solutions are limitless.


Plan 1: 6.0m x 7.8m

  • Side entry
  • Window options
  • Colours

    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and Versaclad Cladding

    Sandstone Grey
    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and All Cladding

    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and Superclad Cladding

    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and Superclad Cladding

    New Denim Blue
    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and Superclad Cladding

    Grey Friars
    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and Superclad Cladding

    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and Superclad Cladding

    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and Superclad Cladding

    Available on Roof, Trims, Doors and All Cladding

    Permanent Green
    Available on Roof, Trim and Doors

    Please note that the colours displayed online are indicative only and may differ from actual steel colour. Please see your local Versatile for a steel colour sample.
  • Cladding

    Traditional weatherboard style that uses an exposed nailing pattern



    An attractive shiplap profile featuring hidden nailing


  • Doors & Windows

    Versatile is able to provide a choice of vehicle door and personal access door options, in a variety of sizes, all supplied with locking devices for added security.

    Vehicle Access Doors

    Tilt doors – the traditional single-piece door that pivots on a spring-loaded power arm. Easy-to-use and low cost, it is the most popular choice in New Zealand.

    Roller doors – these move straight up on tracks on either side of the door.

    Sectional doors – like roller doors, horizontal panels move straight up on tracks on either side of the door. An automatic door opener is recommended for use with this door. Sectional doors are available in a variety of profiles; our most popular, Ribline (which can be embossed or smooth) and Pressed Panel as illustrated below.

    Other Doors

    Personal access door – these are timber-framed and sheathed with steel on both sides for extra security. Personal access doors come complete with waterproof flashings and a push-button lock, for both single or double doors.

    Aluminium joinery – ranchsliders and a range of aluminium windows are also available for your garage.

  • Optional Extras

    Upgrade your garage with the addition of these features which make it more attractive or functional.

    Flooring – traditional concrete 100mm thick floor slab with perimeter footings, expansion cuts, floor bolts and reinforcing as required.

    Electrical – Versatile can organise trade services to include your electrical, drain laying and landscaping requirements.

    Fixed pane windows – the standard fixed pane window is supplied with 4mm thick glass.

    Auto door openers – perfect for cold, wet evenings or when it’s difficult to open the door on your own, our auto door openers come with remotes.

    Garaport – the side of your garage can be further extended with a Garaport addition. This provides open-sided protection for another vehicle.

    Verandahs – for added protection from weather and shade from the sun.

    Opening windows – for additional ventilation and access. Window stays restrict the opening space for security.

    Skylights – let the natural light into your garage. Workbench (E) – a strong, sturdy built-in work surface upon
    which to mount a vice or store tools.

    Decking – when combined with a verandah, a deck gives your building an attractive finish. Ramps and stairs are available.

  • Construction

    By utilising the latest timber connections, bracing and pre-cut timber, we have simplified the construction process to enable you to do it yourself, without the need for heavy trade tools. A detailed manual is provided to ensure the step-by-step process is easy to follow.

    Versatile's experienced builders are the professionals when it comes to construction.  We can do as much, or as little as you want. We can handle everything for you from council paperwork, to the finishing touches like driveways and landscaping.

    We also offer kitsets, which come complete in a self-contained pack, with instructions and all required fixings.

Virtual Tour

Use your mouse to explore the Versatile Garage and Workshop below.