Choosing the Right Roof

Nothing impacts the overall appearance of your home quite like the style and shape of your roof.

From the clean lines of the contemporary mono pitch to the traditional appeal of the hip and the gable, we’ll help you choose a roof type that suits your vision and meets the demands of your environment.

The images below show the Britten plan, with three different roof types.

19 09 30 Versatile Britten Hip 01 v2

Hip Roof

Traditional and incredibly-popular, the hip roof is a common sight in neighbourhoods throughout New Zealand, particularly on villas and bungalows. On a hip roof, all surfaces slope up and away from the viewer, meeting in a ‘pyramid’ at the top.

18 05 26 Versatile Britten 001

Gable Roof

As classic as it is striking, the gable roof is defined by two straight slopes which meet at the ridgeline, creating a distinctive triangular shape at the end (the gable). Gable roofs are both durable and cost-effective.

19 10 07 Versatile Britten Mono 01

Mono Pitch Roof

Sleek and stylish, the mono-pitch roof is best suited to contemporary designs. A mono-pitch roof has just one surface which slopes up to a single ridgeline, creating a prominent geometric form and a sharp, minimalist aesthetic.