Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a building consent?
    Under new legislation most single garages and carports under 30m2 may be exempt from the council consenting process, talk to us for further information. All buildings over 30m2 will require a building consent. But you don’t have to worry about that – we’ll take care of the entire consent process for you.
  • What guarantees do you offer?
    We stand by our products by offering various guarantees across our range. Garages come with a 25-year structural guarantee as well as a 5 year Workmanship and Materials Guarantee (which applies when we build your building for you). For our farm building and carport customers, we provide a 5-year structural guarantee. To find out more about the Versatile guarantees available on our products, please contact your local Versatile outlet.
  • Can I alter my roof pitch to match my home?
    Yes. Your garage will come with a standard roof pitch of 15, but you can upgrade to a 20, 25 or 30 roof pitch to match your home if you choose. We can also alter the roof pitch of our other buildings to suit your requirements.
  • Can I increase the height of my building?
    Yes. Your garage will come with a standard stud height of 2.1 metres. Of course, if you have a boat or an SUV you may decide to increase your stud height to 2.4, 2.7 or 3 metres high. This is also a good way to add value to your home for future sale. You can also alter your farm building height to suit your requirements.
  • What garage door options are available?
    While your garage will come standard with a tilt door there are various upgrade options. You can upgrade your garage door to a sectional door or a roller door, and choose to have an automatic garage door opener on any of these doors.
  • Is there a range of colours I can choose from?
    We have a range of stylish colour options for both your cladding and your roof and trim. See our Buildings pages for further detail.
  • What’s the difference between our 1000 Series Garages and 600 Series Garages?
    ‘1000 series’ and ‘600 series’ garages are named to reference the spacing between the wooden studs. The 1000 series stud spacing is 1m vs 600cm stud spacing of our 600 series garages. Our 1000 series is our most economical garage, however due to the larger distance between the bracing this garage can only be used in lower wind and snow loading zones - it’s perfect for the storage of cars! Our 600 series offers greater bracing and design flexibility. Our 600 series garages can be fully lined and can house larger vehicles with the ability to have higher stud heights. Get in touch for more information.
  • How does colour choice affect the visual appearance of my building?

    The phenomenon known as ‘oil canning’ is a cosmetic issue that commonly affects some cold rolled steel products, especially in dark colourways and those featuring large flat surfaces, such as our Superclad cladding. This characteristic manifests as a subtle waviness or distortion in the flat areas of the metal roof, wall cladding and flashings. It is important to note that oil canning is purely cosmetic in nature, does not constitute a defect when it appears, and does not compromise the strength or performance of the cladding (refer to the MBIE Guide to tolerance, materials and workmanship in new residential construction 2015. The appearance of oil canning tends to diminish over time as the cladding naturally weathers.