We’ve learnt a lot over the 40-plus years we’ve been in business. In fact, when it comes to building in New Zealand, there’s not much we haven’t seen and done, encountered and overcome. We use all of that knowledge and experience to make building as easy as possible for the clients we partner with, offering an array of services to take the stress out of the construction process.

Free on-site consultations and advice

Your Versatile sales consultant can offer valuable advice at the planning stage, including determining how best to design and locate your building.


We can liaise with your local Council and any other parties to help complete your consents and permissions.

Site preparations

Not only can we clear and excavate your site for your new building, we can also demolish and remove any existing structures.


All kitsets are provided complete in a self-contained pack, with instructions and all required fixings.


Arrangements for the inclusion of all utilities (such as plumbing, drainage, electric power and phone) can be handled by us, on your behalf.


We can arrange to  include driveways and other landscaping to ensure your building fits perfectly into its surrounding environment.