Intalok Homes

Live naturally with our stunning timber lock building system.

Create your new Versatile home with Intalok and reap the benefits of healthy, energy-efficient living. Any of our flexible home designs can be built using our natural timber Intalok building system, constructed with renewable New Zealand-grown timber.

These homes are engineered using our unique Intalok construction system that locks timber components together to create strong, high quality, sustainable buildings in a variety of contemporary designs.

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Intalok buildings withstand natures worst while you enjoy the best.

Intalok combines the natural strength of solid wood with a unique interlocking building system to create buildings with outstanding design, quality, and structural integrity. An innovative system of interlocking pins and tensioning rods locks the timber components together, while the insulated cavity between the interior and exterior makes our buildings warm and energy efficient and stops any creaking noises. The results are durable, warm, and dry buildings with a naturally beautiful timber finish for a stunning result.