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Here at Versatile we’re proud to have been building for New Zealanders since 1976. We’ve seen plenty of things change over that time – styles have come and gone, new techniques have been introduced, and the needs of Kiwis have evolved significantly. We’ve remained at the forefront of our industry by being willing to adapt; by listening and responding to our clients, and by continually searching for new ways to build faster, smarter and in a more environmentally-friendly manner. And now we’re excited to introduce Concision, the panelised system that will have you in your home faster than you ever thought possible. In fact, with Concision we’ll have you in your new home in approximately half* the time it takes to build using traditional methods.



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Concision builds homes differently and improves the build process in terms of speed and quality. It is a proven approach that has been used in Europe, Japan and North America for decades. Combining digital technology with manufacturing precision, Concision takes building designs and plans through a staged production operation within its Christchurch factory. This process is enabled by specialised, industry-leading Weinmann plant and equipment imported from Germany.

The Concision factory acts as a single location for most of the trades and processes involved in a building project. So the majority of construction work is undertaken in one place ensuring less waste in terms of time and materials, and the highest quality of construction output. Every element a perfect fit.


Concision is a complementary system to traditional building. The unique software takes house designs and working drawings and translates them into production stages within the factory. Trained technicians then oversee the entire production process, with rigorous quality control checks in place throughout each stage.

The Concision machinery produces the walls, floors and roof panels of a house in the factory with all insulation, cabling, plumbing and plastering included in the efficient manufacturing process. Once the house structure is built in panels it is transported to site and fully assembled. At this point it is ready for connection to services, and for all finishings such as painting, joinery and flooring.


Adaptability - Design flexibility and construction efficiency are both enhanced rather than restricted by Concision’s digital technology. Whatever your needs, the technology and machinery can be adapted to individual requirements.

Quality - Traditional construction relies largely on human skills and experience that can sometimes compromise a consistent standard of work. Concision’s digital technology constantly delivers exacting standards, measures and accuracy that surpass the quality of traditional building methods

Speed - Concision builds homes faster than traditional building. Greater production capacity and reliance on machinery means less exposure to the variables of weather and human pace and resources. Your house is constructed in the factory whilst site preparation is undertaken so you can be in your new home sooner.


The Concision Process

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1. Design

Once you have finalised your dream home with us, these comprehensive plans are forwarded to Concision.

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2. Digitise

Designs are translated into digital files that run the Concision CNC machinery. Concision uses European software package Cadwork, designed specifically to support this machinery.

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3. Measure

A high degree of accuracy in measurements (+-0.5mm) is achieved because the machinery used to produce all of the building elements is digitally controlled.

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4. Cut

To ensure the integrity and accuracy of each element, all timber is cut on-site using a high-tech 5 axis CNC controlled saw. The saw operates virtually hands-free with automatic in-feed and out-feed features.

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5. Insulate

Concision homes are insulated to the R value appropriate to your location. Because the insulation is installed to precise procedures and tolerances, maximum insulation benefits are always achieved.

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6. Windows

Homes constructed with Concision technology use high quality aluminium framed double glazed windows of contemporary design, to ensure thermal and noise insulation standards are met and that weather tightness is never an issue.

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7. Electrics

Throughout the production process, all electrical fitting locations are programmed into the CNC equipment. This allows for behind-the-wall electrical services to be installed accurately and efficiently within the factory.

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8. Plumbing

All behind-the-wall plumbing requirements are installed in the factory. This ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the build are maintained. All plumbing is tested and approved before the element leaves the factory.

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9. Transport

Wall, roof and floor elements are transported to site via a fleet of purpose-built trailers. This system has been specifically designed to give high freight efficiency and to ensure zero damage caused by freight issues.

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10. Assembly

Because elements come to site completed and to exacting standards of accuracy, the assembly process is seamless, with each element fitting perfectly. Elements are joined with proven technology accepted by all Councils in New Zealand.

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